This App May Be Your Ticket To The Hottest Miami Nightlife

With relevance to an article published at the Elite Traveler:

“This is the place I see the trend shoots happening,” says Capponi pointing to a secluded seaside for the duration of a boat ride along the coast with his spouse, Joel Khawly, a wealthy local businessman. It’s raw Haiti, unspoiled and stunning. An additional spot on the coast will host a worldwide Wanderlust yoga festival in February.

The clubbing and night life scenes aren’t beyond the reach of technological innovation, thanks to the work of people like Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell. Their app, InList, connects partygoers with clubs. It extends these invitations, once exclusive on a who-you-know basis, to a wider audience. Land somewhere, and two or three of the most prominent places to be will appear in the app, which can then be used to request and hold reservations.


It doesn’t stop there. In addition to night life, InList also helps arrange other VIP experiences for their platinum and diamond members. Expansion may be on the horizon, with new features centered around prestigious award shows and feedback from clubs and events to better screen users. To learn more, read this article about Capponi: Miami Beach nightlife mogul passed out before boat crash report says

While these features are a boon to the social elite who can take advantage of the opportunities InList provides, they may make these experiences even more unreachable for the app’s more everyday users. This question and answer session with the app’s creators may shed some light on its intended functionality.