InList – An Exciting Creation Straight From Michael Capponi

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Bello, one of Capponi’s friends and business partner, has adored Jacmel 3 years ago, and now divides her time among Los Angeles and Haiti. She lately finished filming the pilot for an U.S. edition of the hit British detective series Prime Suspect, due out on NBC in the fall, as well as a movie, Stunning Boy, with Michael Sheen, to be released in June.

Michael Capponi is without a doubt one of Miami, Florida’s biggest “mover and shaker” types. Not only is the entrepreneur highly influential in the real estate sphere, but he’s also just as powerful in the nightlife one. While developing properties throughout Miami is one of his areas of expertise, so is working on strengthening the city’s plentiful choices in lively nightclubs. To find out more about this, click

Michael Capponi is now involved in technology. He and well-known local software engineer Gideon Kimbrell are the proud minds behind an interesting new mobile app that’s known as “InList.” The objective of InList is to make traveling easier for individuals who are fans of nightlife. The app essentially alerts travelers to a handful of current and exciting nightlife opportunities. If a socialite from Miami is visiting Dubai for the weekend, the app will give her the scoop on all of the best nightlife options available to her for the time-being.